Nerthus nine artworks


Nerthus is a Germanic goddess associated with fertility. Nerthus is attested by first century Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus in his ethnographic work Germania. Many pagans of today claim Nerthus is Njord´s first wife and mother to Frey and Freya and Grandmother to Hnoss and Gersemi. She lives in Vanaheim and reunites with her husband after Ragnarok.

Here is nine “photo artwork” to Nerthus honor! Hail Nerthus!

Nerthus Njords first love

Nerthus green fertility

Nerthus hidden not forgotten

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Nerthus green

Nerthus sitting

photo 7 Nerthus

Nerthus pregnant




Hel the Goddess of the Underworld and death has many tools and things. She has a table a knife and plate but also a bed. The beds name is the “Sick-bed”. Anyway, only living people can get sick. Hel is married with King Dyggvi. So what happened in the bed? Perhaps there is an explanation why so few dead want to come back to the world of living?

Hel rests in her bed…

Hel waiting in her bed