Skadi 31 of July 2022 AYPS!

Saint Helena, sometimes Saint Helen of Sköfde (Elin av Skövde) (c. 1101-1160), was a Swedish local Catholic saint. She is considered to be the patroness saint of the town of Skövde, Sweden. But Skövde means Skadi´s Vi. Vi menas holy place. The Christians take over the cult of the Norse hunting Goddess and start to worship Helena.

Saint Helena’s day is the 31 of July. Many neopagans worship Skadi what day. Hail Skadi!

Poem: Blow all winds

Blow all winds

Blow all winds,
blow, yes storm if you will.
send our words on,
to the powers of water, earth and air,
send our voices as messengers to the gods,
let our ancestors hear them as well.
Our words, our message?
That we are secure in our faith,
the faith called paganism.
We should never betray the land or faith of our ancestors.
Blow all winds, blow!