Radveig and Kreppvör

Njord has nine daughters according to the syncretistic poem The Sólarljóð (The Song of the Sun)

Two daughters are called Radveig and Kreppvor. We do not know so much about them, but we suppose they are fertility goddesses. Radveig is the oldest and Kreppvor is the youngest.

Njord daughter 2

5 comments on “Radveig and Kreppvör

  1. Radveig and Kreppvör are Names of the waves, Njördr is God of the Sea. His 9 daughters are similar to the nine daughters of Aegir, the waves, too.


    • Heimdall have nine mothers…


      • http://www.allsherjargode.de says:

        Yes, and the nine daughters of Ægir are the nine Mothers of Heimdallr. An other Name of Heimdallr is Mannus, and Mannus is the same as the celtic Manannán mac Lir (Lir = Hlér, other Name of Ægir). Manannán/Mannus = Son of Lir/Hlér/Ægir, Heimdallr = Son of Ægirs daughters; Ægir is his grandfather.


      • Nine daughters, Aegir
        Nine mothers, Heimdall
        Nine maidens, Mengloth


      • Menglöd has nothing to do with this. Fiollzvinnzmál is a poem, You don’t find it in the Edda, it is younger und we don’t know, who Menglöd is. Some thought, it must be Freyja, but Svipdagr (= Dagr, = Baldr) isn’t her husband, Odr is it. Some say, Menglöd is a name of Sól or Nanna. That sounds better.


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