Sweyn the Sacrificer

Sweyn the Sacrificer

King Inge in Sweden was Christian. His predecessor had accepted that people sacrificed to the ancient gods, but Inge did not want this. In Uppsala, Inge refused sacrifice and the people chased him away. Inge’s brother in law, Sven offered sacrifice to the gods if he was elected to king. The people accepted and Sven has now King for three years. During this time, parts of Sweden became heathen again and the missionary Eskil was killed. Inge came back after three years and killed Sven. Now the temple was burned and destroyed in Uppsala.

In English the kings name is Sweyn the Sacrificer.

In the calendar in Sweden the December 5, the name of the day is Sven. This day we shows respect for the dead hero king! Hail Sven!

Svensk Torshammare 2

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