Swedish Lucia Celebration

Saint Lucia day

In Sweden and parts of Finland there is a tradition to celebrate Lucia. The celebration takes place on December 13th. In earlier times, winter solstice was this day but is now December 21st.

Many believe that the celebration has pre-Christian roots and behind the Christian Saint Lucia there are pagan gods like Freyja and Sol. Another name for Lucia is the Lusserbuden ore in English the Lussi bride lussie means light so Lucia is the bride of light and she have a white dress with a crown or wreath of candles on her head. This day people eat Saffron bun, also called Lussekatter ore Lussi cats. Cats are associated with Freyja.

Many heathens celebrate the day. Christmas in Sweden stared this day and Christmas lasts until January 13th. The word for Christmas is Jul. Same name the same words as Anglo-Saxon called their feast Yule.

Hail Lussi!

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