Poem: The Fish Herd´s Words

The Fish Herd’s Words

My hall, my harbour Good helmsmen meet to feast,
Cold Skadhi scorned these creaking boards for skis,
Frost-bitten and frozen Frigid Thrymheim’s motionless seas,
Water flows, flames flicker, the dance is joy to me.

Loki alone made her laugh, Lurid balls lighten the void,
Gentle Baldur’s beauty shook snow from her bough,
Dancing feet delighted, Dire Thiazi’s daughter hoped,
A salt-blasted sailor was not her dreaming.

My twisting tides Her taught ice towers,
Salt melts ice, poor mix for marriage bed,
Yet blizzard winds blow Bleak the seals domain,
Two houses one bed may still heat.

Robin Herne

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