Brynhild, A study in racism

Brynhild, A Study in Racism

Some say that Asatru is an ethnic religion and practitioners must have their roots in Europe. Some say that anyone who wants to believe in Odin and Frigg. What is right? Who is right?

Brynhild is a Valkyrie. But she is also the daughter of the king of the females and sister of Atli, he also king of the females. The females were an Asian people who arrived in Europe in the middle Ages, in the 5th century. Jordanes, the Gothic writer stressed that the Huns were short of stature and had tanned skin. Probably the Huns had flat face with high cheek bones and dark hair. Brynhild cannot be an “Aryan”.

But Brynhild is troublemaker and she refuses to obey Odin`s orders. It’s probably not a good idea to let her become a Valkyrie…

The debate about Asatru is an ethnic or universal religion continues until Ragnarok!

Brynhild norse goddess and hun princesses

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