Our mischievous sex goddess

Our mischievous sex goddess

The Romans and the Greeks have the god Amor or if you like Eros. This somewhat inexperienced god of love shoots arrows that hit people’s hearts and when they do, they become dear to each other. Sounds nice but the god shoots the arrows a little anyway and the result can be devastating. Gods are now once for all such that they have a different perspective on existence than people. The love god’s arrows can meet people and make them happy in all their days, but it can also lead to unhappy love and other gloom. Often, Venus’s son is considered a somewhat inexperienced gentleman and does more good than evil.

Asatru does not have a direct counterpart to Amor. However, no god but a goddess we have. After all, the song is the asynchronous one that awakens the dangerous but also the lovely flame of love. Asatru is, as everyone knows, blessed with many love goddesses. Freyja is the biggest but Frigg is also counted here and Lofn also does. However, Sjofn, like its Greco-Roman colleague, is primarily a wake-up caller of love, and then mainly the purely erotic ones.

Sjofn has fun when she awakens the desire of people and young people as well as other gods in the Asatru are never evil. Loki is the exception that confirms the rule. Sjofn is above all blame. Her divine deed is to awaken the eroticism and sexuality of people. Not to arrange happy marriage or get people who love each other to get together. No, her mission is to get people to want sex and eroticism. Sjofn is our mischievous sex goddess.

Magical-Elf-by-AzaleasDolls Sjöfn pil

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