Jesus and Loki, it is same person?

Jesus and Loki, it is the same person?

Interrupt religious party.

Jesus: The Eucharist is interrupted when Jesus says that one of his disciples should betray him. The cleansing of the Temple.

Loki: Kills one of the servants at the party at Aegir and insults the guests.

Captured and sentenced.

Jesus: The garden of Gethsemane

Loki: The water of Franangrsfors.

Two people are punished simultaneously.

Jesus: The Penitent Thieves.

Loki: His two sons.

A related female relative is involved in the execution of the punishment but cannot stop it.

Jesus: Mary, mother.

Loki: Sigyn, wife.

The punishment consists of three parts.

Jesus: Is whipped, carries the cross and became crucified.

Loki: Is tied up on rocks getting snake venom on the face.

Drinking poison.

The Romans give Jesus vinegar to drink.

Skadi sets up a snake whose poison drops Loki in the face.

Liquid is collected in bowl.

Jesus: The Holy Grail

Loki: Bowl that mash up the snake venom.

Return at the Judgment day.

Jesus: Armageddon.

Loki: Ragnarok.

The traitor is punished.

Judas commits suicide.

Vali killed Hodur.


Thor has a hammer. Jesus is nailed up on the cross.

Odin has a spear. Jesus sticks with spear.

Jesus eller Loke a

2 comments on “Jesus and Loki, it is same person?

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  2. Lina says:

    Jesus and Loki are more alike than Jesus and Baldur, believe it or not. Every God and Goddess and others loved Baldur and there was no hate against him (besides Loki). When it came to Jesus… Everyone wanted Him crucified, yeah people followed Him but there also the same people who wanted Him crucified. And Jesus said “If the World HATED ME than the World will also HATE you because you follow ME” and He also said “If they Persecuted ME they will Persecute you because of ME”. Now tell me… Who of all the Gods were hated the most? Because it sure wasn’t Baldur since everyone loved Him the most. P.S. I’m a Christian by the way… Hi, Lol. And I DO NOT agree with the whole religious war thing that happened long ago. Sorry about that. (Even though I wasn’t born yet.)


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