2 comments on “Remember, pagans do not celebrate Christmas. Pagans drink Yule!

  1. a dane says:

    ehm….no! Yule is an American “one-size-fits-all” word that describe all kinds of celebrations around the 24th of december, from many different walks of life, many different people, all possible religions and philosophies (including Vita Krist and his two arab cousins!), and some general new age stuff… To say “yule” is about as Norse as saying “season’s greetings”.

    We, the Norse, have our own word: Jól
    (it is Icelandic / Old Norse)


  2. a dane says:

    oh, sorry… “pagans” you say…. I somehow got that mixed up with “asatru” and “norse”. As for “pagans” in general, I think “yule” could be the right word to use – however this word may also be used by the abrahamists, the newagers, the reptilian-believers and lots of others, as written above.

    For Asatru and others of Norse observation however, there is only one proper word which is the word from our own language, as written in our sagas, verbatim like this: Jól (and the word “Jól” should bear no meaning outside of Asatru/Norse circles just like “christ-mass” bears no meaning to us).


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