Is Thor a god of salvation?

Is Thor a God of salvation? Yes the question is justified. the red-bearded god bears great resemblance to other gods of salvation. He is the son of the Supreme God who is active in heaven. His mother is Jord the Earth. All salvation gods have an earthly mother or mother goddess associated with the earth. He performs miracles, he travels eastwards and experiences many adventures and performs great deeds / miracles. At Yule time, his image stood in the middle of flanked by Odin and Freyr. Salvation gods are all born at the winter solstice, the time when Christmas is usually celebrated. He is the friend of men and can cure diseases and revive the dead with his hammer. He is surrounded by twelve people / disciples, one of whom is a traitor. If you count people in Thor’s family / household, they will be twelve. Furthermore, Thor is associated with the Sun even though he is not the sSn himself. the Sun god Ullr is his stepson, Sif is associated with the Sun and so is brother Baldur. with the sun’s help, Tor overpowers the dwarf. Thor’s Hammer Mjonir is the very symbol of the faith commonly called Asatru. In the song about Harbard, it is suggested that slaves in the sense ordinary people come to Thor when they have died. He dies / resurrects then can fight against Elle, old age. He is associated with intoxicants. He is said to be a heavy drinker, he goes with a bull to the giant Hymir to get a cauldron to use to brew beer. Thor has many similarities to other gods of salvation and can be counted in this category of gods.

The 12 Gods/Goddesses around Thor

Sif (Wife)

Jarnsaxa (konkubin)

Modi (son)

Magni (son)

Thrud (daughter)

Ullr (stepson)

Baldur (brother)

Tyr (brother)

Meili (brother)

Tjalvi (servant)

Roskva (servant)

Loki (friend/traitor)

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