Poem: Holy Harvest

Holy Harvest
(Autumnal Equinox)

Day’s light dims and shortens—as Night grows and gains in length,
Wynn-seeds which were sown—yielded a Harvest of Harmony’s strength.

Thus at this Even-tide time—we Hail the Vanir All!
Of the Wanes who ay abide—Four we now shall name and call.

Nerthus, known as Mother Earth—She of Wain and of Womb,
Great Goddess of Enclosures—of Birch-breast and Birch-tomb.

Njorth, Generous Wih-God—He of Water, Wind, and Fire,
Warder of Land-wealth and Weal—ever the Earth-Kin’s Sire.

Freya, our Red-gold Goddess—the beautiful Earth-bride,
She of Seith-sorcery—Shall ay be Beacon and Guide.

Frey, God of the Green-woods—the Stallion God and Stag King,
Lord of Lust, Lord of Love—as Volsi and virile Ing.

All around us—North, West, South, East—Ice, Water, Fire, and Wind,
Mighty are the Brising’s meeds—gifts that the Van-Gods send.

Kenaz candles are lit with love—in West windows all,
Tribute torch to Vanic-Ar—and first full night of Fall.

Flickering firelight draws—our ancient Deities of Earth,
As well as the sacred sounds—of merriment and mirth.

Within the woods we gather—sharing dance, a feast, and fun,
Ribald is the revel—of earthy jest, joke and pun.

Our laughter sheds light—on the shadows of Harvest night,
Rejoicing and regaling—in Their magic and might.

Hail to the Wise Wanes—Nerthus, Njorth, Freia, and Fro Ing!
Heartfelt love and loyalty—we happily shout and sing!

Rhonda Turner

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