From the stars we came

From the stars we came.
To the stars we want.
Nothing bad about Earth, our mother, but to the upper world we want.
The world is our home, not our home.
Matter is our world, matter will be.
No prophet, ruler, or idealist can change that.
Sand is sand, stone is stone.
We are made of earth from earth, we become.
Life long or short.
Painful or happy,
we are still just a party for worms and moths.
A brief moment of light in an endless existence of darkness,
yes it is life the earthly.
But we do not want to live a meaningless life in a life without meaning.
Our spirit, our hug does not thrive here, no we want away.
To the stars and beyond them we want.
We do not want to tread Hel’s path, no we want to cross Bifrost.
We want to the Father of the Great Goddess.
Earth may forgive but here we should not dwell.
Our mother still gets our bones and ashes.
You gods, you aces in the world above,
help us find home.
Home to the stars!

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