Pagan Spring Equinox 2019!

Have a Good Pagan Spring Equinox 2019 All Good Pagans! My The Gods and The Goddesses Bless You All!

Ostara wish all pagans a good spring equinox!


Ostara Poem

Ostara Poem

The dancing hare foretells the spring,
With fertility and new life this time does bring,
Gay Eostre dances on the earth,
As seeds and flowers come to birth.
Tulips and daffodils come into bloom,
And life sprouts from the Mother Earths womb,
Birds lay their eggs now and the light is growing,
Catkins and blossoms on the leaves are showing.
The sun reaches forth with his hand,
To the Maiden of flowers returns to the land,
Their dance brings new balance into our life,
Planting the seeds to overcome strife.
We grow with the flowers and the trees,
Winters gloom banished on a spring breeze.
The joy of new birth enters our hearts,
As we look forward to Beltanes love.

Blessed Ostara